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About Desi Veg

  • Desiveg - from farms to your door step

    Desiveg - from farms to your door step

    Desiveg represents a team working with farmer from villages and envisions making available fresh fruits and vegetables to city consumers at their doorstep.

  • Objective


    Our objective is to provide Easy availability of fresh, hygienic and tasty Fruits and Vegetables with ‘minimum pesticides’  at your doorstep.
    Create a value chain of fruits and vegetables to replace the conventional supply chain, which is devoid of:
    – Leftovers passed and multiple handling
    – Wastage and theft
    – Adulteration
    Organic fruits and vegetables (for limited customers) 
    ECO-FRIENDLY : Re-using packing material


Desi Veg Services

  • Free home delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Become member of DesiVeg and we will call you daily to take your orders.

Limited Customers in Organic Food- “Hurry”

Due to limited availability of Organic Food and to ensure high quality in Organic Food, currently we are making limited customers for Organic Vegetables and Fruits which is available on first come, first serve basis.